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Achieve natural results by refining and defining, improve texture tone and fullness. Our clinic provides consultations about reducing wrinkles and restoring volume.


Areas we can treat
to smooth fine lines and wrinkles

How many treatments will I need?

Our nurse will consult with you regarding different treatment options depending on your concern. We offer complimentary consultations and you can call or email us with any questions. 

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Our cosmetic nurses offer complimentary consultations which will entail a complete face map and discuss the areas you are concerned with and further educate you on the best treatment plan to achieve your desired result.

We have nurses with over 10 years experience in cosmetic nursing.

Areas to smooth and define

Improve skin laxity and facial volume while boosting skin hydration and re-contouring the face.

Hydrate, plump and tighten the skin. Our nurses offer complimentary consultations on how to restore moisture and firmness to the skin.


Meet the Cosmetic Nursing Team

Our Victoria Team

Nurse Belle

Located at Malvern 

Nurse Brooke

Malvern & MP

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Nurse Rochelle

Malvern & MP

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