Green Genesis

What is Green Genesis?

Green Genesis is a very popular treatment in our Skin Clinics. It focuses on reducing the appearance of reds and browns in the skin on the face and body.

How Does it work?

Green Genesis skin rejuvenation works by using a 532nm wavelength which reduces the appearance of unwanted red and brown discolouration in the skin by targeting the underlying skin tissue, without harming the surface.

Benefits of Green Genesis

How many treatments will I need?

The number of Laser Genesis treatments will vary depending on your skin condition/concerns and the number of sessions needed and may be used in combination with other treatments in the clinic. You can have a green genesis as frequently as every 2 weeks and is safe to be performed after most skin treatments.

We offer a Free Consultation where we go over your concern and map out a clear and detailed treatment plan. It’s important when you have a skin concern you need to ensure commitment in order to achieve an improvement in the skin.

Does it hurt + are there any side effects?

Unlike other lasers, Green Genesis is not painful. There is no pain and no downtime.

Some clients describe it as a warming sensation, some even say relaxing. The best part it is, it is considered a “lunch time” treatment, meaning no downtime and you can head straight back to work.

Our therapists will go over all correct aftercare to ensure you are looking after the areas correctly post treatment.

What skin types and concerns are suitable for Green Genesis?

The beauty of Green Genesis is it is suitable for all skin types, however there are a couple of limitations.

  • Pregnant + Breastfeeding
  • Clients on Roaccutane

How much is Green Genesis?

Laser Genesis starts from $249 for a Full Face and 10% when you buy 3. 

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