Laser Pigmentation

What is Laser Pigment Removal?

Laser Pigment Removal is a successful way to reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation and help to even out uneven skin tone without causing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

We use Cutera Excel V + CoolView to safely treat unwanted pigmentation.

How Does it work?

The Laser light is absorbed by superficial melanin in the skin. Depending on the type of pigmentation the pigmented cells will either, darken and rise to the surface and flake off between 10-14 days, or the laser will shatter the pigmented cells an the body will flush the pigment out through the lymphatic system.

Benefits of Laser Pigmentation

How many treatments will I need?

The number of pigment removal treatments will vary depending on the type of pigmentation your skin type, however, we estimate you will need around 3-6 treatments of laser pigment every 4 weeks. We recommend pigmentation be treated in a combination with other treatments in the clinic and home care.

We offer a Free Consultation where we go over your concern and map out a clear and detailed treatment plan. It’s important when you have a skin concern you need to ensure commitment in order to achieve an improvement in the skin.

Does it hurt + are there any side effects?

The treatment is not painful; however, you may experience a sensation which we describe as, flicking on the skin. The treatment should be painful, however we do expect you to feel some flicking sensations. You will feel this more prominently where pigment is present.

Our therapists will go over all correct aftercare to ensure you are looking after the areas correctly post treatment.

What skin types and concerns are suitable for laser pigment?

As this is a heat-based treatment, we can only treat skin types 1-3 with our laser and superficial pigment.  However, we do have treatment plans for all types of pigment and all skin types.  If you book in for a free consultation our friendly and professional therapists, will plan out the most safe and effective treatment for your pigmentation.

There are a few contraindications related to this procedure:

  • Pregnant + Breastfeeding
  • Clients on certain medications.
  • Recent sun exposure/ fake tan

How much is Laser Pigment?

Laser Pigment starts from $399 for a full face and 10% when you buy 3.

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