Introducing Annalise Dalins​

Global Skin Clinics sat down with successful Melbourne model Annalise Dalins to get to know her and chat about how she looks after her skin.

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Can you share the skincare routine that keeps your skin looking its best?

Less is more. I make sure to always moisturise and get my makeup off by cleansing well.

What do you typically have on your face on days when you aren’t working or modelling?

Just moisturiser really that’s it. That’s all I like to wear as well as SPF. I make sure to wear SPF to keep skin young and fresh and protect it from the sun which is really harsh here in Australia. I try not to wear too much make up on the days that I’m not working. I try to avoid it and keep it nice and natural.

Favourite weekend activity? 

It would have to be going for a walk or brunch or if it’s a good day going to the beach. We only have a few months of that here in Melbourne but I’m looking forward to summer time and being able to do more of that.

We’re curious, what’s your preferred Global Skin Clinic treatment?

I’m loving laser genesis at the moment it’s just been like honestly life changing. In winter I was breaking out a lot and now my skin has changed so much. Also love the LED light it’s so easy and has great results.

What would be your dream job?

Victoria Secret!

After a busy day, what’s your ideal way to unwind?

Make up off and having a nice big dinner. Going out for a nice big dinner, sushi would be the ideal.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee for sure!

Mountains or beach?


Books or movies?

I would love to say books but movies are easier.

Morning person or night owl?

A bit of both but let’s go night owl.

Night in or night out?

Night in 100%