Meet Emily Lucin

We chat with entrepreneur and TikTok personality Emily to hear all about her recent wedding.

Instagram & TikTok @emlucin_


Where was the wedding, can you tell us a bit about it

The wedding was at Waterfront on the Pier in Port Melbourne



What skin treatments did you have leading up to your big day?

I visited the clinic every 6 weeks and alternated either the Laser Genesis, Green Genesis or HydraFacial. I also got a leg and Brazilian Laser. 



What about your at home skin care routine?

My home skin routine is fairly simple. Every morning I use a toning hydration spritz followed by a vitamin c serum. Then I use  a hydrating eye serum and moisturiser with SPF. At night I use a cleanser followed by a night renewal serum and night cream.  Twice per week I use an exfoliant and once per week I use a hydration mask. I used to sleep in a cotton eyemask every night to block out light but global skin recommend I switch out to silk and I swear this has helped my brow and forehead pimples clear up additionally!


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What was your make up brief?

My make up brief was ‘I want to look like myself’ and ‘keep me natural but also looking like I’ve had my glam done’. There is nothing worse than asking for a natural look but in the photos you can’t see any make up. I wanted the make up to be visibly on haha but also keep me looking as close to my natural self as possible. I am also a girly who doesn’t like much powdered makeup up. I feel like powders age me and if I go more of a dewy look then I look more like myself.

Favourite memory from the night?

My Favourite memory was definitely the first look. When I first saw my husband was just a sweet moment. It felt so real and exciting! During the ceremony we also had a special moment where we went into the bridal suite, had a champagne and practiced our first dance on our own. It was 15 minuted of ‘just us’ and I recommend everyone try to do this on their special day.

A piece of advice to any future brides reading this?

Future brides, just party it up! The best thing I did was honestly just dance all night with my husband, family and friends. I barely walked around the room and talked as  its not a night for conversations. It’s a night of love and celebration!

Oh and also… make sure you print out your photo list and give it to a trusted bridesmaid. We barely got any family photos haha!

Honeymoon location?

We spent our honeymoon in the Maldives and SriLanka. Both locations were absolutely breathtaking and perfect for the honeymoon we wanted. It was ultra relaxing, an ultimate switch off. The hotel staff spoiled us with their honeymoon packages and we just felt like king and queen the entire time. SriLanka is incredible as it’s the perfect amount of beach mixed with sightseeing and adventure. Where as Maldive is just a once in a lifetime romantic experience